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Facts About Gaming That Are Hard To Believe

The moment you start speaking about gaming, there are a lot of interesting things that will come our way. If you are a gamer and if you have a buddy who is a gamer as well your life is settled. You will live in your own gaming world. The gaming world has largely developed since the ancient ages. The games that we were once manually playing are now being played online on the internet. Be it shooter games, races, wars or angry birds all of this interests us a lot. They are so addicting that you cannot detach yourself from the spirit if playing. If you are here, then you are probably a gamer. So here are some of our handpicked facts about gaming that might interest you a lot.

A game that is as old as the human race:

Here is one game that is as old as the human race. But before we give out the name, we want you to take a wild guess. Don’t even think about cricket and soccer, and it is none other than our all-time favorite Angry Birds. Yeah, you read that right. If you take an estimation of the time that the whole world has spent playing the game that roughly counts to 200000 years. That is huge but viola! That is the number of years the human race has survived on the planet.

The game that had no beginning:

The title hint is a bit cheesy, but we meant it differently. Mario is one game that all of us loved and played. Ask a 90’s kids, and he will tell you how much Mario matters to him. But did you ever know that nobody knows when the game was launched in the United States of America? Yes, that is right. People, including the producers, for some reason, do not remember the exact date in which the game was launched.

Stop blaming the kids:

If you have a middle-aged or an aged person complaining about your gaming behavior and addiction now you have valid points to stop them. Taking into account the dressing down that these young kids face, a study was conducted to provide statistical data, and it stated that the average age of a most frequent game buyer is 37. Can you believe that? It is not 7 or 17. It is 37, and that is a middle-aged person. To add to that almost 39% of the gamers in the world are the ones above the age of 36. So it is high time that we stop blaming the kids.

Gamers actually make money:

Gaming is not a bread-winning task. Is that what your parents tell you? It is good to tell them that they are wrong. If you are a really good gamer, you can actually live with that. The top Twitch gamers are making about $300000 per year, and that is not small.

It’s high time you forget Wi-Fi:

Aren’t your jaws dropped? Yes, we knew it. If you are a gamer spending a lot of money on net packages for the sake of gaming, then we have a platform that can help you forget Wi-Fi and play games offline. This is definitely a bonanza. Now, have fun by playing free games without Wi-Fi. A lot of online platforms are available, and you can check that out as well.

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