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About Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

The Secret Invasion storyline of Marvel comic book is made into a video game, and it was called as the Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth. Developed for the Xbox 360 and the Wii U by the Ubisoft Quebec the Battle for Earth video game is brilliant for teenage gamers. The Battle of Earth was released in the year 2012 and is a teen rated fighting game. The game focuses on hand-free, motion sensing Kinect interface with the superheroes and villains in Marvel.

The game can be played against the game’s artificial intelligence, or the player can even challenge a friend, and they can play beside you. The Battle of Earth has challenges, arcades, versus and tournament options. The player can use their body to control the characters in the video game and instruct them. Depending on the player’s ability to use the skills, they are awarded XP, which raises the rank of the player.

Marvel Avengers


The superheroes from Marvel must battle against an extraterrestrial race to save the planet. These alien races are known as the Skrulls, and the players have the option to choose to fight for or against twenty characters from the Marvel stories. Captain America, Doctor Doom, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Magneto, Spider-Man, Storm, Thor, Venom, and Wolverine are some of the Marvel Superheroes a player can choose. The gamer needs to master each of the character’s skills and knock out the enemy.

The Skrulls are slowly replacing the superheroes in the Earth with fake character. Not only do these look like the heroes, but they have the same powers as the original Marvel Superheroes.  Thus, the remaining Marvel characters must destroy the extraterrestrial races and prevent them from replacing the Earth’s heroes.

Campaign Mode:

The Campaign Mode has a total of five levels that is broken into eight stages each, thus having a total of 40 stages. Every step has a set of combatants, and it does not require a linear play.

Versus Mode:

In the versus mode, two local players are allowed to combat with each other. The gamers are first made to select the arena in which they are going to play. After the arena is selected, the players must choose two superheroes for their team.

Arcade Mode:

The Arcade mode has a ten battle progressions, and the players can choose any two heroes from the unlocked characters to form a team.

Challenge Mode:

The Challenge Mode has three sections. The training section is to familiarise the gamers with the controls of the game; the characters section is to introduce the superheroes of the game, and the trails section is for scenarios with a particular parameter.


The game is good for teenagers who love the marvels superheroes, but it is too limited to recommend. The only fun that is got out of the game is to watch two superheroes battle against each other. There is not much content or variety in the game.

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